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Wind farm design

Based on our longstanding experience, we can create the first draft for the design of your wind farm for the site you have in mind. A number of factors will be carefully considered such as the technical parameters (e.g. the size of and distance between the turbines), the topographical parameters (e.g. slope and vegetation) and the regulatory parameters, including distance to residential properties and transport infrastructure.

Wind measurement consulting

If wind measurement happens to be required at your site, we can advise you on the technical interpretation of the measurement, based on international standards, and select the most representative location for future yield calculation.

Wind field calculation

Based on existing measurement data, we can calculate the wind conditions in your area at different heights. Our global wind database allows the chronological classification of the measurement results over long periods of time. For many years, alongside the usual standard software, we have been using three-dimensional numerical simulation of airflow, which also delivers reliable results even at sites with very complex topography. The wind field calculation provides you with not only statements about the three-dimensional wind, but also about possible critical areas of turbulence.

Optimization and calculation of energy yield

Based on the three-dimensional wind field calculation, we can optimize the location of the individual wind turbines and calculate the energy yields for a variety of turbines of your choice. In the process of optimizing the energy yield, we naturally take into consideration any critical areas of turbulence, the flow inclination and wind shear as well as structural and regulatory constraints.

Meteorological reports

For any procedures involving the authorities, we can create bankable meteorological reports which, in addition to the energy yield, also contain a detailed account of the wind conditions, turbulence, temperature, icing and lightning flash density and can be used to prove the suitability of the location of a particular turbine.

Calculation of the shadowing cast by wind turbines

Detailed calculations of the amount of shadowing, taking the visibility into account, will be carried out according to current guidelines to assess the impact on residential properties as well as agricultural and forestry land and presented in a report for any procedures involving the authorities.

Visualization and visibility of the turbines

We create photomontages and virtual animations of the turbines using professional software and calculate the possible areas of visibility.